[#][F] The Demented One - 4/18/2017
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More of a thematic thing but will all Warstriders be 'worn' the same way? Will they all be Escaflowne style like previous editions or can they vary from command thrones to literally fusing with the construct?
The pilot of a warstrider operates it from within a fuselage in the armor’s torso. In most warstriders still operational in the Second Age, the pilot must don a harness connected to the warstrider’s frame with leather straps. The harness controls the motions of the warstrider’s arms and legs, mimicking the pilot’s motions. Ancient warstriders constructed at the height of the First Age may have more elegant or esoteric control mechanisms—levitating crystals that orbit around the pilot, complex control interfaces of solid light, liquid metal that molds itself to the pilot’s body—but still operate on the same principle of emulating the pilot’s movements.