[#][F] The Demented One - 4/18/2017
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My craft supernal player brings up a point.

If N/A Artifacts are at the level of plot devices and Storyteller fiat, what does that look like when you get into N/A weapons and armors? Do they still function like weapons? Would their evocations be able to do combat things by fiat? If N/A weapons and armors cease to function like weapons, then the supernal crafter who wants to be the greatest weaponsmith in all of Creation gets to a point where becoming a better crafter doesn't make him a better weaponsmith.
They don't automatically win you fights. They allow you to escalate your battle-prowess to an untold level—unleashing a deadly strike that slays an army and raises its dead as zombies under your command, a warstrider roaring a single syllable of anti-language that negates the reality of everything in its path. World-defining power, but not in a way that adds a bajillion successes on rolls.