[#][F] The Demented One - 4/19/2017
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Are you a fan of the Elder Scrolls series? Particularly the background lore? Because Numidium can do just that, and it is amazing. That's an actual Warstrider in the book and not a hypothetical power, right?
Caught it!

Onto my real question, can you clear up what the book means when referring to dual wielding weapons? You need paired swords to use Steel Devil, and identical weapons to benefit from the +2 dice to a clash attack. Does this mean I can just pick up Beloved Adorei and Spring Razor for this, or do I need one of those Two For One Artefact Specials that buying Short Daiklaves grants you?
In order to count as dual wielding, they both have to be the same type of weapon, but not necessarily a "paired special."