[#][F] RichT - 4/19/2017
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As of today, it's been 7 Weeks that the first person, told us he got his book. Now it was announced that the EU backers will be shipped. I'm really frustrated, me and 2 of my friends pledged together, and the EU Backers have to pay 60$ (!!!!) more to get their stuff shipped out now? I'm sorry but that's not reasonable, for a european backer I'm paying half a Book more for shipping, and get it last?
Sorry it has taken so long for your rewards to get shipped. I did say at the beginning that the shipping was happening in waves, and it is unfortunately true that somebody's package is going to be in that last wave rather than the first. This time it seems like it is your package, and I agree, that's frustrating. EU backers have been getting packages for weeks, though, it's just that that shipper is the last to finish up.

Just to clarify, you paid more for shipping because it costs more to ship internationally than in the US. That's the whole reason. You weren't penalized by us for where you live as we don't set the shipping costs, the delivery services do. And it is expensive! Even more now than when you paid for the project three+ years ago.