[#][F] The Demented One - 4/19/2017
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After reading the story of Gnomon's creation, I went back over the crafting system and Solar Craft Charms.

Thousand Forge Hands can be interpreted to imply that the Exalt cannot begin the process of crafting the weapon until all of the materials and tools are gathered, but the basic crafting rules are not quite so stringent.

According to the basic rules as written and ignoring that possible interpretation of Thousand Forge Hands, Seven-Fingered Wu is perfectly capable of beginning the long process of transforming the branch into the staff before he sneaks into Yu-Shan the second time, where he can perform the final roll necessary to complete the artifact, via coaching the Sidereal with a Charisma + Craft roll and the final payment of 10 Gold Points.

Is this correct?

Does this further mean that a Solar could perform most of his Artifact Crafting rolls while away from his workshop, tools, and materials, as long as he has a keen enough mind to perform the design and planning stages in his head?
Wu wasn't Gnomon's creator—the Sidereal was. He was its wielder and master.