[#][F] RichT - 4/20/2017
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I think it might be of value to not just put everything in a binary yes/no. There are "No" marks things that we have no reason to doubt will become "Yes" but have obvious reasons why they're not yet (the novels are being written, the art bump for future books can't be out until those books are actually finished), and "Yes" marks that don't actually mean a finished thing has gotten to the backers (the stuff has been sent to the Anathema team, which hasn't finished with it yet). Then there's things we don't have any solid news on, like the the essays, and some rumor mill issues regarding things like freelancers and getting the pay bump.

Reflecting on the good and bad of the list is hard when the good and bad of the list isn't as simple as a binary yes/no.
I agree in general, but specifically disagree about the Anathema goal, which is why I interjected here. We fulfilled our goal, which was to give the Anathema team everything they needed to go live with EX3. Our goal wasn't for us to make it go live, as that was always out of our hands and skillsets. The collaboration spoken about in the goal description happened, and then things changed for the Anathema team and their project.