[#][F] RichT - 4/21/2017
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The exact wording of the goal is...

I can see why people expected more. "our EX3 Dev Team will collaborate to create the Official EX3 Anathema Character Management Toolkit." to me is a promise to create something, not just collaborate with no obligation to actually get things done. I know you can split hairs on what was technically said, but I think a reasonable person's reading of this stretch goal is very different than what it is being sold as after the fact. Nowhere in this stretch goal is any wording of uncertainty, it is presented as something much more formal that it apparently was in reality. I don't see how this can simultaneously be the "Official" character creator...and also a fan project completely unrelated to any responsibility on the part of OPP, the informal nature of this relationship should have been disclosed from the get go.
It was discussed over and over in the various comments sections at the time and we and the Anathema team were as clear as anybody could have been during all the madness that was that Kickstarter about the independent nature of their project. So you _can_ read that blurb in the way some people have, but once we say that that was never the intent, it's not retconning, it's restating what was always the situation. We've learned a great deal about how to phrase Kickstarter blurbs since then.