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Directly from the Kickstarter page:


And yes, an estimate is a promise. It's not an exact promise, no, but calling something an estimate is not carte blanche to put out whatever you feel like in complete disregard of the estimate.
We didn't just put out whatever we felt like, we put out the backer Charms plus a bunch of extra Charms that only were added because John Morke wanted to add them. When we estimated about a page per Charm, thus giving us 50+ as a page count estimate, we did not have any idea how the Charms would be written nor how much space they would take up. Remember, the book was not finished, it was the Charms specifically that the Devs needed to rewrite, and we were years before the text would hit layout.

But that all is immaterial to the point that this wasn't a book that we were offering based on filling page count, it was a collection of the backer Charms that came out of the rewards. So 20 pages or 100, it was going to contain as many Charms as there were backer rewards for them. And it was only offered, as an Add-on PDF, because there was so much demand for it by the other backers who didn't pledge for the Charms but wanted a chance to contribute. So it wasn't like we had the thing specced out ahead of time, it came together during the KS and after. So that estimate, was exactly that, an estimate on page count that ultimately was less pages but more Charms that originally planned.

But hey, since you feel badly about the thing, send me your PayPal info to richt@theonyxpath.com and I'll refund your $5.