[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/8/2017
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Please tell me the Haltans don't have boomerangs anymore as their cultural signature weapon.

You know.... the guys who live in a dense forest!
It's not their only weapon or even their only projectile weapon, but it has its uses. The Northeastern redwood forests have more open space than what we might think of as a dense forest, and Rule of Cool means that Exalted's war boomerangs can semi-reliably return to the thrower. And if you miss and your boomerang gets stuck in a tree, it may be possible to recover it, while a different projectile will probably fall to the forest floor and be unrecoverable due to the Fair Folk.

It may be an elite weapon, though, not something used by the average Haltan warrior. It's definitely worth discussing before writing more Haltan material.