[#][F] The Demented One - 5/18/2017
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I had this same doubt plus some.
How do i up the level of a working if i try to increase the scale of the working or i create a system?
If instead of granting a mutation, i create a lake that mutates people who submerge in it into a Deep One, or if i want to grant supernatural powers to your close followers (and when you become power mad, to your army), and the one i had more discussions, if i want to create a fountain inside a dark cave, and people who manage to pass the deadly test to reach it, can drink from it and gain power over darkness and shadow.
There's no generic way to do scale increases. It's of course going to be higher than the base effect, but ultimately it's a conversation to have with your Storyteller.

Creating a mystic lake that mutates those who bathe it (i.e. grants supernatural merits) strikes me as an Ambition 2-3 Celestial Working, depending on the specifics. Granting magical powers on a mass scale, like the wolf-shifter bloodline or the trial that grants shadow-power, is probably an Ambition 1 Solar Working.