[#][F] The Demented One - 5/19/2017
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Rather than the return of Shadow Hunter Style, would it make more sense for the Raptok Dragon Kings to practice Tiger Style? They don't need their own Terrestrial Style now that Tiger Style isn't strictly Celestial. Likewise, the Fire & Stones Style of the Anklok doesn't impress.

Black Tide and Dagger Wind (Wing?) Styles are cool because they actually fill niches not covered by any other Styles: aquatic and aerial combat, respectively. But these Styles could be just as useful for the other water-breathing and flying folk of Creation, including the Lunar Exalted.

Might we see Black Tide and Dagger Wing (Wind?) in the next Lunar book, with the Dragon Kings simply practicing ANY Martial Art Style that makes sense for them, rather than having one "unique" Style per breed?
Dragon King styles pretty definitely won't show up except with Dragon Kings. Unique martial arts that require non-human forms to practice are something I've contemplated for Lunars, but not in any great depth, and it may not be possible to implement well.