[#][F] The Demented One - 6/19/2017
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Isn't it kinda lame to have to devote two whole turns of combat to "getting mad" to activate bloodthirsty sword-dancer spirit? I feel like being a character fueled by rage is kinda thematically hindered by standing around. If I wanted to make sword dancer an upgrade charm or give it a special reflexive activation how should I go about doing that? Even the wording of the charm reads like it would be an upgrade if it was in any other tree.
Bloodthirsty Sword-Dancer Spirit is pretty darn powerful - it's the closest thing that Ex3 has to Infinite Ability Mastery, except it adds to all your combat dice pools, and cancels your wound penalties on top of that. Its prerequisites let you build up advantage if anyone tries to attack you while you're charging up, and that's before bringing things like Solar Counterattack or clash Charms into play. I'd get a feel for the kind of combat builds you can create around it before writing upgrades.