[#][F] The Demented One - 6/19/2017
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So when you imagine Dragon Kings for Third Edition, will they retain Paths as the structure of their powers, or will they go with a new structure. If they keep Paths, do you have any thoughts on how you might update them to suit Third Edition's approach to things? Could there be more Paths?
Undetermined. I like the structure of Paths, but if the needs of their play experience require straying from them, we'll do that.

Are Playable Dragon Kings still going to be Essence 2 and up, or will they start at E1 and go E1-E5? I noticed they were E2-E6 basically before, and it seems like a simple thing to change that.
It would make sense to start at Essence 1, but we'd need to make sure we can square that with their progression from bestial mindlessness to enlightened sapience.