[#][F] The Demented One - 6/19/2017
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Also the scroll of glorious divinity 2 hints at the fact that the solars might have spared the yozis from a final fate due to the fear that by killing them they would also be killing the principles that shape the world itself and prevent it from drifting into chaos.

What do you imagine would happen if all of the yozis were to perish?
That particular bit of writing is based on a misconception of the nature of the Yozis. They don't embody principles and abstracts, like the Imperators in Nobilis.

That's not to say their deaths wouldn't have dire consequences, however. The fall of the Neverborn tore the web of reincarnation asunder and led to the formation of the Underworld as we now know it. Who knows how dire the consequences of slaying a Yozi and creating another Neverborn would be?