[#][F] Eric Minton - 6/21/2017
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So, first off I definitely pegged minton as an eclipse, and I knew vance was gonna be a sidereal, and given this thread serenity is the obvious answer.

A question about Arms, are we going to see artifacts that were made by different exalt types? So much of 2E was attributed to the solars, it felt like no other exalt type bothered. I'd love to see wonders forged by sidereals or lunars. I'd also be curious to see if any amazing artifacts of note (not necessarily NA, but 4 or 5 dot), were forged by Dragon Blooded during the first age. Will there be things like that?
Yes; there are many artifacts in the book that are explicitly described as having been created by Sidereals, Lunars, Dragon-Blooded (First Age and otherwise), and so forth. A few were even created by unExalted artisans.