[#][F] The Demented One - 7/15/2017
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I am going to be greedy and ask if there is any benefit tied to lineage? (Like a bonus if a manse or artifact have been in your family for millennia or something of that sort)
You'll see those in the Evocations of heirloom artifacts, yup.

On a more fluffy note. Do you see more complete bloodlines getting destroyed or surviving the death of the shogunate, or do you see most modern DBs being descended from a bunch of sole-survivors and refugees?
Lineages survived. To give a specific example, after Tepet's siege of the Imperial City failed and he surrendered to the Scarlet Empress, she took him as a consort and created House Tepet, absorbing those of his family that had rallied under his banner into the Realm in the process.