[#][F] The Demented One - 7/15/2017
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Gonna jump on that as it kicks one of my ideas in the nuts: Long version, skim to next paragraph for the question: One of my PCs is going to return to her pre-Exaltation home, where she was one of several priestresses empowered to use specific artifacts (armor + spear) to fight a local undeath infestation since the Great Contagion. Thing is, the point is to break that cycle one way or another, de-powering the other priestresses, and I thought it would have been cool to allow P-UE to be used for those specific Artifacts, and those alone, as a "New Covenant" (yes, she's Zenith)

So the question is: do you see anything breaking in allowing P-UE-empowered NPCs to attune to specific Artifacts and those alone?
If you're the Storyteller, you get to kick my answers in the nuts. :P

But no, I don't see any mechanical imbalances that are going to come out of that. My main concern is a setting one—it's very deliberate that generically enlightened mortals with mote pools they can use to attune artifacts or use martial arts or whatever aren't a thing that exist in Ex3, and so letting Prophet-Uplifting Evocation or similar effects create them would be, uh, sort of a problem.