[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 7/16/2017
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Didn't you take a stab at developing for at least a couple of books, there, Stephen?
Yes and no. During the height of Ex2 and when John Chambers was dividing his time between his CCP duties, developing Exalted, and creating the first edition of Scion, the standard procedure for book production became him writing the outline and choosing freelancers, soliciting first drafts, and then passing development of those drafts to a freelance developer to write redlines and revise the second drafts into finals as well as writing art notes. I did Compass: West, Roll of Glorious Divinities I, and then burned out in the middle of development of Compass: You-Shan, leaving him to finish it. Which I still feel really badly about. I was never anything like an actual line developer.