[#][F] The Demented One - 7/16/2017
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A Solar can be Persuaded to leave the Bloodthirsty Sword-Dance Spirit and cease fighting, or at least cease attempting to kill her opposition. Possibly she could be Threatened (such as the life of a loved one) or bargained (such as offered the name of the one who kidnapped a loved one) into abandoning her lust for death.

Could a Solar be pushed out of that state of mind through an Inspire action that seeks to provoke an opposing passion, such as Serenity?
If the Solar's player decides that's an appropriation response to the inspired passion (and is willing to eat the Initiative Crash).

Given that Battle-Fury Focus also says that it works through the Solar entering an enraged mindset, would it also be canceled by such a Passion?
Nah—as above, the Solar's player might decide that's an appropriate response to the passion, but it doesn't do a straight-up dispel magic sort of thing.