[#][F] The Demented One - 7/16/2017
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Terrifying Battle Shriek in Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style has a Mastery effect of this:

Mastery: An enemy who yields to the Nightingale’s influence and retreats or cowers from her loses Initiative equal to her (Charisma/2). She does not gain this Initiative.

My new character's Charisma will be 5, so does my opponent lose 2 Initiative or 3 Initiative? The Charm does not specify which direction to round.
Rounded up. We're going to specify more precisely going forward.

Let's suppose I am in close range to my opponent and succeed at intimidating them. Let's also suppose my opponent is in Initiative Crash. Since they are embattled, in order to move away from me, they would need to take a Disengage action. However, they cannot do so because the Disengage action requires them to spend 2 Initiative, which they don't have. What happens? Or, is losing 2 Initiative from the Disengage action simply a penalty that can be applied in negative Initiative, rather than a cost which must be paid to attempt the action?
You can disengage while crashed — it doesn't cost Initiative, but causes you to lose Initiative for attempting. Admittedly a subtle difference.