[#][F] The Demented One - 7/16/2017
so i went with having the demon from the sorcerous intiation be sepperated from the demon hierarchy, and one of the issues that i'm facing is that people are having trouble understanding them as a demon because they dont hate humanity. I think one of the issues with this is that im still calling them a second circle demon, but is this what they would be? would they still be a demon at all or something different?
Terms like "god" and "demon" are amorphous labels, not rigid categories. Other demons would likely describe it as a renegade or an exile, rather than speaking in metaphysical terms. Creation's savants could argue endlessly over what the appropriate term for such a being is, and end up deciding that calling it a spirit is at least not wrong. If you want to convey that it's distinct and set apart from most demons, using a unique term to describe it—or letting the players themselves invent such a term—could be one good way of doing that.

is this still the direction you want to take with first circle demons, personally i find it very interesting and enjoy the idea surrounding it.
Yeah. If anything, I feel more confident in that answer.