[#][F] The Demented One - 7/17/2017
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1- What happens if you miss second strike of Double Attack Technique, do you loose the extra successes?
No, they add to damage normally.

2- If you use Triple Attack Technique, do you only get the bonus of Triple Attack Technique (Dexterity + Charge) or Triple Attack Technique + Double Attack Technique (2Dexterity + 1.5 charge)?
(Dexterity + Charge)

3- Does charge reset if it isn't explicitly said in the charm?

4- Can you use Steel Devil Strike while in crash?
No - you can't make decisive attacks while crashed, even ones that don't use your own Initiative.

5- What is the onslaught penalty if I do triple attack and steel devil attack? -4?
Yep. Triple Attack inflicts -3, and Steel Devil Attack inflicts another -1.

6- Does Iron Lotus Unfurling and Sonic Slash, count as your attack for the turn?

7- If I make an ambush, do I automatically succeed with double or triple attack?
As long as you roll any successes.

8-Can you use Double Attack Technique, Triple Attack Technique in a clash?