[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/24/2017
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A fluff question for you: how many gods live in the average village in Creation? Is there a village god (I know there are city gods)? The individual houses and streets? The valley its in? The pond in the middle? The old oak next to the village? The smaller trees in people's gardens? Anything else?

I'm just trying to get a sense of how common they are, and how many you can expect to come across when walking around with Spirit-Detecting Glance.
I believe this is something that was deliberately left out of the core so the Storyteller could freely adjust the numbers in her Creation to taste. I personally lean toward the low end in my home games, so that when a village actually has a god in it, that god is distinctive and flavors the village with its presence — and so that if I decide not to have a god or just forget to include one, it's not weird. But you can dial the numbers up without breaking the setting, as long as you think about the consequences and take them into account.

We've been hoping to put a book on cults and worship early in the schedule, as that's a subject that has never received adequate coverage in previous editions.