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Do cafinated beverages exist in Creation?
To avoid getting lost:
Okay, Dreaming Sea question blitz:
1) Are Gigantes and the things at Shinjok coherent species, or are they more like Ysyr's sorcerers where they vary greatly in apperance and abillity?
2)Champoor is part of Parsaad right?
3)Do the three big powers of the Dreaming Sea interact much? or are they too distant?
4) Does Dis have a place on the Map? I picture it south-east of Ysyr, but if their raiding Parsaad...
5)Has some form of the Pure Way spread out amongst the Dreaming Sea?
6) Volviat's ten fahtered children:does this include things like Dragonblood Exaltation material?
Do all cities have gods? Does Ysyr and Volviat for instance?
Unfortunately, most of these questions fall into the category of things that we haven't hammered out authoritative answers to, and we'd rather not tell you things that might easily change during development.

Regarding cities and gods, not all cities have a designated city god in the eyes of the Celestial Bureaucracy. This is partially due to the breakdown in communication between the terrestrial spirit courts and the Heavenly City, and partly due to political and bureaucratic breakdowns in Heaven itself. The specifics vary widely.