[#][F] The Demented One - 8/9/2017
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One for Vance: curses are mentioned in the sorcerous workings. If I do a ritual, spend my XP, and send off my curse at someone, do they get a defence roll (or perhaps I have to make an attack roll vs their Resolve or something)? If they defend succesfully, do I get the XP back?
I assume if there is a defence roll, it's just whatever the ST feels is appropriate, but do you have any guidance?
Curses shouldn't be irresistible. The precise mechanics of how that's handled are worked out by player and Storyteller together, depending on the working's Finesse rating.

If a working is just comes down to a one-and-done single roll for resisting, and all the targets succeed, and the curse has no meaningful narrative impact, then yeah, the XP would get refunded. I recommend not making sorcerous curses come down to a one-and-done single roll.