[#][F] The Demented One - 8/11/2017
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1. Lets say I use a ambition 3 celestial working to make a spirit. Lets say I want to make that spirit a god of a area whose god is corrupted. Does that spirit become a god when I make him or does the celestial bureaucracy have to become involved?
A god is a god, but you might need to liaise with Heaven to get him a job in the celestial bureaucracy.

2. Lets say I want a elemental dragon to fly around on. Is this celestial ambition 3 to make one?
I think lesser elemental dragons are generally a bit buffer than Second Circle Demons. I'd probably call it some kind of Solar Circle working.

3. When summoning a ambition 3 solar level working "Being of singular nature and considerable power" Are they on the scale of 3rd circle demons or of less power? Can these beings just make manses at will or create roads from one end of creation to the next with but a word or are they stronger then 2nd level demons but weaker then third?
Work it out with your Storyteller.