[#][F] The Demented One - 8/11/2017
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Can you go through a Burning Apocalypse Strike resolution? The wording it has is confusing in more than one place. For example, you plummet at an angle, but fall half the range bands you ascended. Does this mean that if you jump straight up, it will take you another round to reach the ground? Then it says it is a normal decisive attack when you hit the ground but it targets everyone in close range. Do you also have a primary target for this attack?
Step 1: Yell, at the top of your lungs, BURNING SKY APOCALYPSE STRIKE

Step 2: Make a single decisive attack roll against everyone within short range of you, but don't roll damage normally.

Step 3: Everyone hit by the attack rises up one range band for every 10 Initiative you have, and takes three dice of bashing damage for each range band of ascent. You also rise, but don't take damage.

Step 4: Everyone hit by the attack falls back to earth and suffers falling damage normally.

Step 5: You descend back to the ground, without taking falling damage. Unlike your victims, you don't have to go straight down - you can choose to move at an angle, ending your fall at a point that's up to (half the range bands you rose up) away from where you were when you started the attack.

Step 6: Roll another decisive attack against everyone in close range of where you land.

Step 7: Each enemy hit by the second attack takes damage equal to half your Initiative.

Step 8: Reset to base Initiative if you hit at least one enemy, or lose Initiative if you whiffed, as usual.

Step 9: Your turn is over.

Edit - Extra Question: Also can Solar Brawl have a charm that emulates Solar Saber, allowing the solar to use her hands as Artifact weapons, or is this outside of Brawl's power? Maybe as repurchase of Orichalcum Fists so that the charms do not overlap?
I don't see that really making as much sense conceptually as an extension of Brawl, but I don't think anything will break if you do it, as long as it's limited to Brawl attacks only, and not Martial Arts.