[#][F] The Demented One - 8/11/2017
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But could this movement take you one range band closer to another combatant or a tactically important feature of the environment?

That is, does being Embattled mean that your opponents can always reflexively Move with you outside of their turn to keep you in close range, such that you can tactically reposition yourself across the battlefield, close ranks with an ally, or pursue an in-Embattled opponent?

Because that is very different from the interpretation where Embattled characters cannot move around *at all* in a mechanically or tactically significant sense.
Embattled characters can still take reflexive move actions, just as long as they're staying in close range to everyone they're already at close range with.

In a cinematic "running fight" where all parties involved are just assumed to be moving through the marketplace/town/rooftops/whatever, you aren't having the characters take movement actions to do the running, just to maneuver in relation to each other. You could think of it as the terrain being the one that's moving underneath them, for stylistic effect.