[#][F] The Demented One - 8/11/2017
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If I may rephrase the question, as it's one I've also been pondering and I think it's in line with Sunder's intent:

if three people in the running fight are running towards one far-away combatant that is standing still, which of these is correct?
1) the person that's standing still just happen to be one range band closer every turn (even if still at extreme range), without movement occuring
2) someone needs to take movement actions
3) the movement structure of the fight changes at some ST-decided point (once the other person is close enough, they roll join battle and the fight shifts)
4) other

e.g.: the Dawn player is on horseback, herding enemies into an ambush set by the Night waiting in the trees.
If you're advancing towards a distant enemy, then just use the combat movement system normally. The "running fight" scenario I describe is only appropriate for when everyone involved is just dashing through the scenery as they fight because it looks cool, rather than for tactical purposes.