[#][F] The Demented One - 8/11/2017
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This mostly makes sense to me, although I'm curious about scenarios that are a little less cooperative.

For example, In the One Shot Podcast when they had a go at Ex3, when confronting an unruly god, the swordsman of the group lunges into the god with his sword drawn, barreling through the wall behind them out into the street. The attacker moved with the target, so they weren't pushed a rangeband back, nor was the target knocked prone, so Smashing wasn't involved.

Basically Dead or Alive/Latter Mortal Kombat style scenery change. Knock an opponent and follow without gaining a direct mechanical advantage.
That strikes me as being best handled by stunts, although I think it's rare that forcing an enemy into different terrain isn't going to confer some kind of tactical advantage.