[#][F] Holden - 8/16/2017
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This is what overthinking looks like.

It's not that deep, man.

Also, Vance has to do the dual job of interpreting text he didn't oversee and answering questions as a developer making decisions for the sake of the line. This is probably a good thing to keep in mind when engaging in kremlinology about rules which are explicitly abstracted and require common sense adjudication.
Vance's answers 100% line up with my intent when I wrote those rules, fwiw.

"Embattled" is, I think, a remnant of the old "engagement range" thing from the end of 2e (Christ what a suppurating nightmare that was to calculate) still rattling around in my head, and some vague notion at the time that we might eventually have stuff like really big opponents or enemies with huge long tentacles or whatever that could threaten characters clear out to short range who tried to get away from them. It ended up just not being important or coming up during the rest of the rules writing, and the natural language the rules ended up being written in didn't need the specialized term.