[#][F] Holden - 8/22/2017
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So Solars are (sort of) heroes who followed the Vision of Gold and became heroic kings, Abyssals are Solars who destroyed Creation in their tragic hubris, and Infernals are Solars who ruled the world as increasingly depraved god-tyrants? That's how I've been imagining the conceptual broad strokes of it ever since we got the first Infernals during the KS.
Probably wisest not to assume stuff from the KS previews will hold true. Current devs seem dedicated to putting out quality work, and that's going to require implementing a particular vision they're passionate about, not just following old blueprints left behind by predecessors. Same as what we did when we came aboard, same as what Geoff did when he took over from Ken Cliffe all the way back during proto-1e.