[#][F] The Demented One - 9/28/2017
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I'm curious about Niruz - is their "warrior's code" something unique to them? Or is it common for Tepet archers to forswear gender?
Niruz is is a nonbinary, agender person. They swore their particular warrior's code to legitimize their identity above reproach with their fellow Tepets - questioning another Tepet's code is just something that is not done. They're meant, among other things, to illustrate one way in which a gender nonconforming Dynast might navigate the Realm's cultural and social mores relating to gender.

I'm also curious about Ejava - she isn't mentioned at all, here or in the corebook. I'm starting to wonder if she'll have any relevance at all in 3rd edition.
Ejava gets a write-up in the chapter of Dragon-Blooded NPCs. Because she got that full write-up, we cut her from the Tepet scions of note to free up wordcount.