[#][F] The Demented One - 9/28/2017
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So, I've been burned out on Exalted a long time by now; I was introduced in First Edition, when one of my best friends ran Exalted for me and later gave me Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded as a birthday present. I instantly fell in love and they have been my favourite Exalted ever since, during Second Edition I somewhat drifted out because I was increasingly tired of how they were treated and around the announcement of Third Edition I was hyped again for a few months before I started losing interest again, I genuinely planned to quit playing in a few months.

Then this was released.

I don't like Third Edition, I think it's okay at best, I think it's full of flaws.

This made me feel like 16-year-old me back in First Edition with eyes full of stars upon seeing something wholly new. It was excellent; the writing was the perfect blend of epic mythology and politics that I do so adore about Exalted, it paints the Tepet (one of my favourite Houses) in a light that makes me want to engage with them, want to play with them and investigate them and dream up the ancient annals of Tepet history and their Shogunate predecessors who laid the groundwork of what would come. It makes me want to see the famed siege of the Imperial City, led by Tepet himself, it makes me want to read about the turbulent romances and dramatic battles between the Melaist Tepet and the other Houses among this clutch of Scarlet dragons.

So I want to extend a huge thanks to the developers Robert Vance and Eric Minton for this. It was everything I could have asked for and more; if the rest of the book is painted with a brush even half as detailed and mythical as this, I will officially declare it one of the best Exalted books ever, to sit with Scavenger Sons, Games of Divinity, Manacle and Coin and Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded on my shelf as a cherished possession.

^that is the size of the smile on my face right now.