[#][F] Holden - 9/29/2017
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Could you or Holden explain why Lunars can now add a second Attribute rating to their dice-caps when Lunars can already start with the Spirit Shape of an elephant or tyrant lizard?

Our intention was that when Lunars transform into something other than human form, anything in excess of their normal Attribute ratings counts as dice added by magic. We didn't intend to let you have three different floating "true" ratings like in previous editions, as it tended to encourage gaming the system by picking certain extreme animals for your totem shape. Remember, also, that compared to 1e and 2e, persistent scene-long dice boosts of any amount are quite rare in EX3 and thus significantly more valuable, so having them built straight into base capabilities is a pretty big coup for Lunars.

I cannot, of course, speak to what the current devs intend to do with Lunar forms and dice caps, as I'm no longer in the design loop lol. It's entirely possible that when they get to the Lunars hardback, they'll introduce a completely different dice cap for playable Lunars than what the core suggests, if they have a different design idea. Good design means going with the best idea when the rubber hits the road, not the first one to be suggested in print.