[#][F] The Demented One - 10/4/2017
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So I've got one question about this preview, which will hopefully be clarified in the actual release, namely what exactly does it mean when it states that a portion of House Tepet 'forswears gender'? Do they destroy their genitalia? Is it a oath of chastity? Or are they forswearing allowing other people to easily converse with them?

I strongly doubt it's the third as it's presented as a sacrifice rather than an inconvenience on the part of others, especially since for Exalted there are not very many differences in the ways men and women are treated, aside from different fashions.

I mean this could be cool, odd details to flesh out the world often are. The pirates who have to behave and dress like men in exchange for power are for instance a slightly interesting detail. But I don't know what this detail means.
Tepet Niruz is a nonbinary person who has no gender. That's their identity, independent of any code of honor - they didn't sacrifice anything. They specifically chose to swear a code of warrior honor that emphasizes truth to one's self as a way to legitimize this identity beyond question in the eyes of House Tepet and navigate the Realm's society (which very much subscribes to notions of binary gender).