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It's not universally seen as a punishment — for example, House Nellens will sometimes marry a scion to an un-Exalted Dynast with a strong pedigree as part of its breeding-strengthening matchmaking program — but it may invite rude comments on that Dragon-Blood's marriage prospects, especially if they were already poor to begin with, like those of House Tepet's scions.
To elaborate on this, being married to a mortal may be seen as a punishment by the Dragon-Blooded scion and their peers, but it's almost never intended as such; a Dragon-Blooded child is far too valuable an asset to waste on spite. While DBs usually marry other DBs, marrying one to a mortal is not uncommon, whether for political connections, pedigree, or major concessions from the mortal's parents in marriage negotiations.

(In some cases, marriage to a mortal may be a sign that the house has long-term plans for the scion, as a male Dynast normally returns to his mother's household should he outlive his marriage.)