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That's interesting. In 1st and 2nd edition the idea was that Patrician families were wealthy, primarily mortal families and didn't really possess much in the way of Dragon Blooded of their own. When a Dragon Blooded was born into a Patrician family, the family was quite eager to have the child marry into one of the Great houses.
Some patrician families trace back to the Blessed Isle's old Shogunate families. Some trace back to the start of the Realm, with the Empress elevating families that formed the backbone of the nascent Imperial Service. And some continue to be created when high-ranking mortal military officers are elevated to the patriciate, or when outcastes establish new households with peasant spouses.

When a patrician family has a Dragon-Blooded child, that child is either adopted into a Great House — which pays significant dividends, both from beneficial terms at the marriage table and by establishing familial bonds with the adoptive house — or is fostered by that Great House, which allows the child to remain in the patrician family, but at significant cost.

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In 3rd edition, do you think it would be possible to have Patrician families which have a comparatively substantial number of Dragon Blooded members? Maybe even where the family tends to be somewhat reluctant to send their child off to marry into one of the Empress' Houses, since they take pride in their own heritage which predates hers? Or are Patrician families still pretty much mostly mortal, so these Shogunate-era nostalgia families are mostly just mortals looking back on their old decaying Terrestrial nobility that no longer has any meaningful impact on their day to day lives?
There are a few patrician families with significant numbers of Dragon-Blooded members, the result of centuries of carefully husbanding their fostered Dragon-Blooded scions rather than having those scions adopted by the Great Houses. Most patrician families are mostly mortal, though few of those families have any connection to the old Shogunate gentes.