[#][F] The Demented One - 10/12/2017
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Will Lunars be getting access to their Excellencies the same way Solars do?
Not quite the same, because of the differences in how Abilities and Attributes work, but similar.

Do you think you will be handling extra shapes as a merit like the Hearts Blood background of earlier editions?
One or more Merits seems like the best way to handle your repertoire of shapes at character creation.

What are your favorite totems? (I am partial to bears, frogs, and insects)
Reptiles, and canines, and felines, and...

Will certain elders be approachable for aid this go around? (not just for lunars) Like is Ma Ha Suchi going to turn down an outcaste and have them killed on principle or would he be more willing to deal take advantage of an ally who might be sympathetic to him like that?
Making every Silver Pact elder someone that a Lunar player might actually want to pick as their mentor is a goal. When it comes to non-Lunars, it'll probably be more of a mixed bag.