[#][F] The Demented One - 10/12/2017
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This might have already been answered, but I wasn't sure.

After you've finished Dragonblood and the Realm, (and I guess finishing the two bestiaries) what's planned next? (And I'm aware that you might change your mind by then)

I know that Lunars is the next planned splatbook, but I wondered if you intend to do something else between the Realm and Lunars, or if the plan is to get stuck straight into a splatbook.

I assume it's the latter, as you've talked a bit about Lunars and not much about a Manse book or a Sorcery book, which were mentioned a long time ago, but I wanted to check. I guess you have talked a bit about wanting to do a Storyteller's Companion, but I wasn't sure if that's something you're planning for next year, or just for somewhere down the line.
Lunars is the next planned book!