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Thanks for the answer! Apologies, I guess what I was referring to was the idea of a deity who is associated with the moon by narrative or social affiliation but not by actual purview or position in the celestial bureaucracy.

Like... if I'm the God of War in the North, and strictly speaking "Crows" are not actually in my purview, but I am symbolically associated with them maybe because I used to hang out with the Crow Avatar a lot centuries ago or something like that.

So in this case, a god of say... mercantile trade. Who maybe appears at night often, or maybe appeared with Luna once somewhere, or maybe just has a lot of moon-themed jewelry for personal aesthetic reasons.

Is that kind of thing common, or is it more that said god might be a god with dual purviews of trade and the moon, or a god with a purview of trade-under-moonlight?
If you're talking about its purview within the Celestial Bureaucracy, then clearly the answer is no. If you're talking about how the god is viewed by mortal worshipers, then clearly the answer is yes. Is there another angle to the question that I'm missing?

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Incidentally, how does that sort of thing work? Ahlat is god of war and cattle because his position initially involved warring-for-cattle, right?

Do other deities gain this sort of power through the particulars of their purview or previously held positions?

Or do they get them from worship empowerment and association with things by worshippers?

Or can all of these things happen? Or is it something else.

Apologies, I realize these are kind of convoluted.
We're aiming to put a book on spirit courts and cults relatively early in the schedule specifically because I don't feel these are questions that have been satisfactorily addressed in earlier editions. As such, I don't want to address the question until the book's rolled around into development and the team has had an opportunity to hammer out the specifics. I wouldn't want to mislead with off-the-cuff answers that might be contradicted in print later. I hope you understand!