[#][F] The Demented One - 11/13/2017
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How do the dragon blooded View Solar exalted in relation to the Unconquered Sun(demons who stole he power or is he a evil god?)?
The lay view is that the Solar Anathema stole their power from the Sun. Immaculate monks or secular Dragon-Blooded who've studied theology extensively understand that they are the Chosen of the Sun, but believe that no human can embody the unyielding perfection of the Unconquered Sun without inevitably being driven mad by it.

Also do solars of the non zenith type with no outside instruction even know what they are? Like would a Young solar still think they are only going to live for like 60 years and now heal faster than normal or are these things they need to be told/find out?
I think there's a certain level of intuitive self-understanding, although leaving the details somewhat vague creates more room for roleplaying.