[#][F] The Demented One - 11/13/2017
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Question from left field:
The lower soul (The Po, iirc), does it have a specific form most of the time or is that kept ambiguous? Like, in cultures that see the animal side of a person as a literal animal and assign totems/guides/spirit animals to that person based on that concept, would the Po soul change to take that form?
I suspect there are a diverse variety of beliefs, but don't think specifically nailing down particulars about the po of a living person is useful.

Could you have a culture where it is considered normal for a shaman to manifest or take the form of his Po/spirit-thingy to perform unique magic(Dreamwalking, healing, defending)?
I think having a culture with nagual in Creation would be very cool.

Also, would this be something that could be done by such Thaumaterges/shamans, or would this likely fall into an Exalted perview *coughLunars*cough ?
I'd do it as a thaumaturgy ritual.