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Speaking of cut writeups for Antagonists, weren't there a strategos from Brightwork (Auspice Isles) called Whelk the Younger and a doppelganger, of an auspicene executed in the Kraken's Pool to boot, called Blue Shadow somewhere?

Another interesting bit with Whelk that i remember is his having bodyguard relatives, making for a potentially mirror/riff/variant of sorts of the dynamic of Shigira Mizue with her aunt Okita. I think one or two (possibly more) such QC partnership/synergies were inserted in the fluff cut writeups, in fact.

And beings like Sard the War Ghost or Blue Shadow the Doppelganger (maybe even, oh boy, the Prince of the Red Chamber Nephwrack) could certainly play more peculiar - and not so honored - variants to Zoria the Honored Ancestor.

Ah, if i'm mixing up book stuff with the homebrew NPCs from someone's blog, feel free to correct me people, i've been far from up to date, or precise, with my sources in 3e stuff.
Whelk the Younger and Shigira Mizue were both in the original draft for the Antagonists chapter, but were cut for space. The Blue Shadow appears in Hundred Devils Night Parade. The other NPCs named above appear in the 3e core book. (Well, except for Okita.)