[#][F] Eric Minton - 11/27/2017
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Question concerning Arete and its 'Mudra of Perfected Skill' Evocation: The Dissonant rules state the Evocation enhances one Ability at first purchase, with additional Abilities costing 2xp each. The Resonant rules, however, say that first purchase allows enhancement of Caste/Favored Abilities, but says nothing on how to expand beyond that. In addition, no real information is given for how to handle characters who are neither Dissonant nor Resonant, but rather are Orichalcum-neutral. Can you please clarify?
The special activation rules cover characters who aren't dissonant with orichalcum, whether or not they're resonant. The reference to a resonant character purchasing the Evocation is an editing artifact from before the special activation rules were added; it should instead refer to when the resonant character awakens the Evocation via the special activation rules. A resonant character enhancing all of her Caste and Favored Abilities is over and above the ability unlocks in the special activation rules.