[#][F] The Demented One - 12/5/2017
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If you do ever get around to revising the core charms, could I add Wyld Shaping technique to the list of charms needed clarification/revision?

I was in a thread once where we got three vastly different numbers for how much specific land you could create by activating WST 10 times and focusing solely on the land. The numbers were 12,465, 61,590, and 460,875 sq miles based on various interpretations of the wording of the charm. And I honestly have no idea which is the most accurate to the writers intent.

Hell, if you've got time, could you maybe take a look and throw out your interpretation of the specific land creation clause in that charm? I'm sure an example would do wonders to clarify things for me.
EDIT: I think my initial reading went astray. What I think is most sensible is:

Phases 1-3: Shaping non-specific land, which gets consumed.

Phase 4: Shape (Essence x 5) square miles of specific land.

Phase 5: Expands to (Essence x 25) square miles

Phase 6: Expands to (Essence x 125) square miles

Phase 7+: Each phase adds (Essence x 1000) square miles.