[#][F] The Demented One - 12/5/2017
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To further clarify this, you'd end up with 16,625*Essence sq miles of specific land after 10 activations of WST (phase 7 of specific land).

Compared to 10 activations of non-specific land that ends up with 10,290*Essence sq miles of land. A difference of 61% of specific land creation at this level.

Is this working as intended?
I don't know the intent, but it does seem weird that that the specific land ends up giving you more area for your buck.

Possibly the correct way to resolve this is to ignore the reference to the phase in which you shape the initial specific land being the "first" phase, and count everything out from the very start. That gives us:

Phases 1-3: Shaping non-specific land, which gets consumed.

Phase 4: Shape (Essence x 5) miles of specific land.

Phases 5-6: Multiply landmass by 5 at each phase, maximum (Essence x 125)

Phase 7+: Each phase adds (Essence x 1000) square miles.

While square footage is hardly super important, I think this makes more sense. Thanks for talking me through it!

Edit: And does the encounter roll reset when you go back to phase 1 or would your encounter roll be at -3 for the first phase of specific land?
Based on the reasoning I'm using, it wouldn't reset.