[#][F] The Demented One - 12/5/2017
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While I'm sure you'd rather wait to cover this in Exigents' charm design section, I was curious if you'd be willing to elaborate on your perspective on the difference between Charms/Evocations at Essence 3 versus 4. 5 feels easier to discern but 3 and 4 feels nebulously similar in scope sometimes. In particular I'm designing evocations and trying to figure out if my capstone is E3 or E4 in power.
In the Solar Charm set, Essence 3 is where you see a big spike in power, while Essence 4 is characterized by a less extreme development, refinement, and expansion of that spike. It's similar to the relationship between Essence 1 and 2. Evocations tend to follow this pattern.