[#][F] The Demented One - 12/5/2017
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I'm curious - you describe this progression as "in the Solar Charm set". Given that you've got at least one other charm set (Dragonblooded) worked out now, would you say that this progression is common to most Exalted charm sets? Or do you want to vary it for different types of Exalts?
Dragon-Blooded, for example, follow an idiosyncratic progression. Because the default for character creation is Essence 2, the gap between their Essence 1 and Essence 2 Charms is much smaller. At Essence 3, they see a big spike in power with their Signature Charms, but their other Essence 3 Charms are less potent refinements of and expansions on their initial power. Essence 4 is a big spike in power, and then Essence 5 is cool endgame tricks.

And if it does vary, would you say it's appropriate for evocations designed for different Exalt types to follow their "native" power progression?
Not necessarily. Staying with the Dragon-Blooded, Evocations, especially resonant jade Evocations, are a big part of their overall power. The fact that Essence 3 Evocations tend to be a bit more dramatic an upswing in power than non-Signature Essence 3 Dragon-Blooded Charms reinforces that.