[#][F] Eric Minton - 2/24/2018
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​Is there any process in the setting that you think would make for a better depiction of a legacy of imperialism or colonialism in which an external power does exploit the territory to its limit and then abandons the inhabitants to deal with the consequences?

​Sure there's the thing in which some of the satrapies are being withdrawn from, but that's an ongoing process in the game's Year Zero, while I'm thinking of something where it would have left a legacy of bitterness.
The Realm isn't the only imperialist power in Creation; it's just the most successful one.

There may be the occasional place where the Empress withdrew because the place was gutted? But there would be an excuse, someone else to point the finger at. Like, "The Anathema Jochim tore through here and killed everyone, leaving only a wasteland thick with hungry ghosts, so there's sadly no one left for the Realm to protect," while ignoring some handful of survivors. But "The Realm wrecked this place itself and now can't be bothered to clean its own mess up" wouldn't have flown under the Empress' watch; it wasn't the image she (and some of the major power groups she catered to) wanted to sustain.